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Nicola Allegretta

The Scranton Times-Tribune 24 Nov 2021
Nicola Allegretta of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, died on Nov. 21, 2021, surrounded by his family ... He was born in Molfetta, Italy, on Jan. 17, 1956, into a large and loving extended family ... He would give anyone — friend or stranger — the food off of his plate or the shirt off of his back. He loved the ocean and travel, especially to Florida ... 27, at 3 p.m.

Curious Kids: Why are there so few impact craters on Earth?

Beijing News 23 Nov 2021
The next reason is that two-thirds of Earth's rocky crust is hidden beneath the oceans. We actually know less about many parts of the deep ocean floor than the surfaces of other planets in the solar system ... Since the 1960s we have known that new ocean crust is being created almost continuously along giant rifts (called mid-ocean ridges).

Shipping container shortage is changing what shows up on shelves

Yahoo Daily News 19 Nov 2021
Now its executives are using that expertise to squeeze as many seasonal offerings as possible into massive metal boxes for ocean transport. They prioritized lightweight and pliable - pillows and throws, wine glasses and plates - and holiday perennials like children's easels and toys, said Javier Quiñones, chief executive of Ikea U.S.

Mass extinction that wiped out 90% of species 250 million years ago was driven by ...

The Daily Mail 17 Nov 2021
Fate of sinking tectonic plates is revealed. Pieces of... Earth's first continents emerged from the ocean more than 3... These eruptions are thought to have caused considerable environmental stress — including severe global warming resulting from the release of carbon dioxide and a reduction in the oxygen content of oceans, suffocating marine life ... .

This rare blue diamond is practically a miracle of nature

Popular Science 16 Nov 2021
Courtesy of the Okavango Diamond Company ... 5 get fused into this diamond? The ocean contains boron, which gets recycled into the bedrock and Earth’s mantle through a process called subduction. When a tectonic plate in the ocean naturally collides with a continental one and slides underneath it, boron gets driven deeper down into the transition zone ... D.

Fate of sinking tectonic plates is revealed: Pieces of Earth’s crust bend as they enter ...

The Daily Mail 15 Nov 2021
Tectonic plates bend as they sink into the mantle at so-called subduction zones, becoming segmented 'like a slinky snake', a study has concluded. For the largest part, the motion of Earth's plates is driven by the weight of cold, dense ocean crust sinking into the mantle — dragging the rest of the plate behind it.

All you need to know about the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi

Gulf News 15 Nov 2021
Cave formations have been created over millions of years through erosion and plate movements across oceans and this zone gives visitors a chance to see some of the creatures that inhabit the nooks and crannies of these caves ... The Ring of Fire is the longest chain of volcanoes in the world located in the outskirts of the Pacific Ocean ... Ocean Magic.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 13 Amazing Facts You Need To Know

GamingBolt 13 Nov 2021
Meanwhile, several notable landmarks, such as the lighthouse in Ocean Beach and the Hyman Memorial Stadium, were originally not part of the plan either and were added in later on in development ... LICENSE PLATES. Rockstar always finds ways to do some fun stuff with license plates in its GTA games.

6 sources of renewable energy that will power the future of Bitcoin mining

Cryptoslate 13 Nov 2021
Yet geothermal energy is only available in certain areas of the world where heat can rise to the surface, typically around tectonic plates. Tidal Power and Ocean Energy. Capturing tidal power or the energy of the ocean is another renewable option similar to hydropower.

It's BTS V's goofy charm v/s sexy HOT avatar! Vote for your favourite side of Kim Taehyung's duality, ARMY

Bollywood Life 12 Nov 2021
Hey BTS ARMY, today we will just be talking about BTS V and his duality goofy charm and sexy hot avatar ... Updated ... Taehyung is also known for his antics such as wiping his hands/sweat off the other members, stealing food from members' plates, pranking ARMYs and more. His bread cheeks, ocean-deep eyes and funny expressions are always a treat for ARMY ... .

First continents formed 700 million years earlier than previously estimated

The Times of India 11 Nov 2021
Based on the age of rocks from the most ancient continental fragments (called cratons) in India, Australia and South Africa studied as part of an international project, researchers have found that the Earth’s earliest continents began rising above the ocean at least 700 million years earlier than most previous estimates.

Crushed resistance

Technology Org 11 Nov 2021
Geophysicists can use a new model to explain the behaviour of a tectonic plate sinking into a subduction zone in the Earth’s mantle ... At the boundaries of two plates, the heavier oceanic plate sinks below the lighter continental plate in a process that experts call subduction ... Heavily deformed plate margin ... This weakens the plate on its upper side.

Jharkhand’s Singhbhum region may have been earliest continental land to rise above ocean, reveals study

Indian Express 11 Nov 2021
Researchers have always been intrigued about when the landmasses we reside on came into existence and till recently, it was widely accepted that continents rose out of the ocean about 2.5 billion years ago ... continents rose above the ocean due to plate tectonics, which is the major driver today for increases in the elevation of land masses.

New island forms in Red Sea in just four days

The Independent 11 Nov 2021
The African and Arabian tectonic plates pull apart in this area and form new ocean crust regularly, known as ...

Quake rocks Iceland near major volcano

Urdu Point 11 Nov 2021
Thursday's quake was "most likely caused by plate motion and not volcanic deformation," Kristin Jonsdottir, IMO earthquake hazards coordinator, added on Twitter ... The vast North Atlantic island borders the Arctic Circle where it straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a crack on the ocean floor separating the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.